Custom Chassis Mounts

Chassis Bird Dog

Chassis mount unit for bird hunting that includes 5 dog compartments, 3 storage compartments, shooting seat w/cup holders, built-in steps, open air bird storage, stand up gun racks and water tank. Storage compartments are convertible to gun vaults, expanded metal dog compartment dividers for proper cross ventilation, plus all storage compartments and doors are keyed alike for your convenience. Do you have something in mind? Let us design a chassis mount to fill your needs. Call or email your thoughts as we look forward to working with you for a final result that is pleasing to your eyes as well as functional.

Chassis Bird Dog 1 Chassis Bird Dog 2

Farrier Unit

Chassis mount unit for horse shoeing. Unit included side and rear skirt storage compartments, custom shoe racks, Bi-Fold doors for narrow barn isles, build-in storage cabinet, forge stand, tool rack, pad rack and heavy duty gas struts for ease of opening Bi-Fold doors. Call or email us for other options to help you consolidate you’re working area. Let’s work together on a unit that is functional and compatible to your daily needs.  

Farrier Unit from Back Farrier Unit from side
Farrier Unit with back open Farrier Unit side & back open

Vet Unit

Chassis mount unit for large animal vetinary. Unit included 3 door access with custom storage cabinets. With the ever changing use of Vet Units we have the ability to design and build a unit with all the features you want. Custom units are our specialty.

Vet Unit 1 Vet Unit 2
Vet unit side & back open Vet unit alternate view