Fire and Rescue Customizations

Top mount storage boxes help organize equipment and provide excellent dry storage space. Let us help you outfit your new piece of fire and rescue equipment or upgrade an existing vehicle. Easier access to equipment equals a quicker response time and reduces work load.

fire truck customization
Example of customized fire and rescue truck
custom hose holder custom tank holder
Custom Hose Holder Custom Tank and Hose Holder

We can fabricate to suite your needs. If you need a Storage Box, Control Panel, Reel Stand, Body Board Storage, Bottle Holders, Fire Hose Rack, Pull Out Drawer, Generator Compartment, Adj Shelves, Portable & Mobile Units, Dress Up Pads, Nozzle Holders, Hose Bins and more.

Custom Side Mount
Custom Side Mount STG Boxes with Light Bar
Custom Spine Board
Custom Spine Board Top Mount Box